Q: What kind of papers does IJISM publish?

IJISM aims to publish research papers in all the areas of Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Management and related research streams. The research paper publication process starts with the manuscript online submission or submission via email. And the review process usually complete within 1-3 days time, depending upon the number of research papers in the streamline.

Q: Is it possible to publish the manuscript within 2-3 days?

Yes, whenever you will submit your manuscript you can also request to review your manuscript on a priority basis. So that we will immediately process your manuscript for review. If a manuscript is accepted you can move for the registration process. And after the registration process we will immediately publish your manuscript within a day.

Q: How will I know that my manuscript is accepted or not?

Once your manuscript is reviewed we will notify you with acceptance, acceptance with modification or rejection of the manuscript.

Q: What is the standard or quality of papers published in IJISM ?

Like most journals, IJISM tries to ensure publishing high-quality papers. Papers that have a significant contribution, worth for sharing an idea, a concept, a technique or a result, are considered for publication as determined by our reviewers. Typically, acceptance rate varies from 30% to 40%.

Q: How to submit a manuscript/research paper to IJISM ?

You can submit your manuscript by online submission from the home page of IJISM : ijism.org. You can also mail your manuscript to editor@ijism.ir